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Welcome to our farm

Located in central Vermont, we thoughtfully raise our livestock in a pasture based system. Our farm originally came to be when we bought an old schoolhouse in East Calais, VT. While we did not have enough land to raise our cows on, the generosity of a few neighbors allowed us to pasture them locally. Excitingly, we have recently been fortunate enough to find some farmland to call our own, so stay tuned for lots more Schoolhouse Farm products coming your way!

East Calais, VT


Pastured eggs from hens raised on organic feed

Eggs available now! Our chickens live out on pasture in mobile hen houses. Moved daily, they eat a wide variety of grasses and legumes and forage for insects in the soil. We supplement their diet with certified organic feed. Out with them is Berk, our Maremma livestock guard dog. Bred to live with the animals he guards, he stays with the chickens night and day, keeping them safe from predators. But if you’re not a predator he’s a total sweetheart!


Grass-fed, grass finished beef

Our cows are raised on grass and only grass, moving to fresh pasture daily. We have 100% grass-fed beef for sale by the whole cow, half, or bulk variety box. Get in touch and we are happy to discuss what amount best suits your needs. Our prices can be found on our MEAT or FAQ page.